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A few Tennogen that need some attention.


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Was doing some different customisation for my frames (Fashion frame is endgame) and noticed that the Teplo Syandana and Due Volpi Syandana are slightly off. It seems that the placement of both Syandanas is not in line with what was originally advertised. These issues have been ongoing for some several months now from what I've observed on the forums and reddits, I'm hoping that these issues will be looked into, what with Mainline updates on both consoles and PC.33971E0254D4FC8364658D4C27A39AD331FA60F0

To start, the Due Volpi Syandana as advertised on Volkovyi's Steam Page is properly embedded into the frames back and fits the form of the frame. To emphasise this I'll post a pic taken by RecklessCarnage that showcases the placement issue pretty clearly ingame.



As you can see, the Syandana protrudes out of the back of the frame and looks as if it is hanging on a single peg. It looks odd and doesn't quite match what was advertised or what it was like before the hotfixes had effected it.


The Teplo Syandana has a similar issue with regards to placement.Q0uiEaR.jpg&key=dec56dbbdf70bbd006d6e639

In this pic posted by Shad0wWatcher it seems that the Teplo has taken on the properties of a backpack rather than that of a bunched up scarf. 


For further emphasis here is a pic posted by BananaShampoo on the differences in placement before and after hotfixes. 


Whilst not game-breaking by any means, it is apparent and can become a bit of an eyesore.


I know that spending real money on these and then having them change for the worse must be a downer for PC players. Same goes for console players who buy platinum and then buy cosmetics. Hopefully these issues become noticed and get fixed. I'm aware of some other apparent issues and bugs with other cosmetics and will make posts on them as well when I can. Thanks to the players that made posts on these issues, if I had not found them then I wouldn't have known how recognised these issues were.


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