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Oxylus Scan lifeform bug.


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There a problem with the mod Scan lifeform on the Oxylus. When trying to hunt Virminks or Bolarolas with the Oxylus having the mod Scan lifeform installed at max rank. Only Pobbers show up.

first image is me using Virmink lure.


this is using the rolabola lure

TF8bAT4.pngthen the pobber lure

cs37hkr.png2nd image shows the full map with the extra pobber spawns


At first I though that the call point might virmink or rolabola, but it turns out that all of them are pobbers call points.

I then tried to enter and exit Orb valis nothing changed.

I then removed the Mod Scan lifeform same problem i can only see pobbers

I changed pets to a kavat didnt work. still only had pobbers

I left fortuna went to my orbiter and launched to orb vallis

I can use all 3 lures again.

went back to fortuna changed to Oxylus without scan lifeform

i can use all 3 lures

went back to fortuna and equiped scan lifeform back to only being able to see pobbers call point.

Pls fix...



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Here to confirm. For the first part of the day I got a couple bolorola and vermink, but after those were caught no more spawned. There are only pobbers as far as the eye can see. Incidentally, I think the pobber rarity spawn rate is bugged too. I just came from a session where I caught nothing but 18 sunny pobbers.

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