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Red Cross - Dawn of a New Day!


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Red Cross


Red Cross is a Ghost Clan on PS4 founded after the corruption of Immortal 30!

Power Corrupts People

Our mission is to help all Tenno veterans and new to Origin understand Warframe, accomplish missions, farm for resources, gear, characters, weapons, rare mods & more. I have been gaming for 5+ years on Warframe together we all can accomplish development of new research as each update introduces new weapons, functions, and characters to the game. When it comes to members who are new to the game each member gets a one on one experience with assistance, breakdown of Warframe & an explanation of the trade chat and how to maximize your trade value.

The name "Red Cross" has more then one meaning behind the clan's Identity. Originally the clan was made back in 2014 in honor of supporting "The Red Cross Society" helping to spread their name as they have helped many people and changed so many lives I thought to myself I have helped many people in this game and there is no Red Cross here so I decided to take the name. Throughout time as the years went on I continued to assist clan members when I had founded Immortal 30 & random players throughout origins I even applied to be a "Guide of The Lotus". This clan's purpose was to be a backup encase something happened and Founding Warlord was passed on from me when I ran Immortal 30.

Now the time has come for the dawn of a new day the meaning of Red Cross on Warframe is to symbolize how we the members go out of our way to assist others. To sacrifice for satisfactory we do our best to not only bring up others who surround us but to revive Tenno when they go down in missions!

Where Grineer, Corpus, Infested and Orokin seek to destroy we seek to rescue, heal, and create if you are passionate about helping others and run a clan we invite all who wish to join our alliance "Red Cross Network". If your clanless and seeking a home show us how passionate you are and those who show extraordinary acts out of passion shall earn a invitation to our home! 

Members wear the Emblem with pride and be honored to be apart of the Red Cross!

Discord: http://discord.gg/KDnnw7R  Come hang out with us and chat get to know us and game on!


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