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Can't log in.


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Here's the thing. When the Quimera update came out I was about a month without playing due to this error "Login Failed, Check your info", I had only entered twice with luck and had the error again. Then I waited for Fortuna, believing that they would fix it. I was able to enter for approximately five days, and since yesterday again the same thing.

It comforts me to know that I am not the only person that happens to him since yesterday, but I hate to notice that DE does absolutely nothing. I don't want to miss the vault, Baro, and stuff. 

No, it's not my internet. No, VPN doesn't work. Yes, I changed my password. I've done everything I could and what I've seen from other people with this same error, and nothing works.  And what pisses me off the most is that sometimes, it works one day and then it doesn't. What does this mean? And this doesn't just happen on the Asian server, I'm from South America and it also happens to me. And I've seen some from North America. 

Anyway, I hope to have an answer. That they say "we are working on it" would be enough for me. And I'm sorry for my English, it's not my first language.

Love this game, I've been playing for a year. I don't want to leave it because of it.

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I have the exact same problem as you from SEA here. I am able to log in onto the official Warframe website with the exact same email address and password as I typed in on the Warframe login screen - however it doesn't work, I am not sure why. Other people seem to have the same problem as well. I haven't played Warframe for quite some time (around 8-9 months) so I understand that loading my login credential may be slower then usual. I tried changing my password numerous times but it didn't work, I restarted my computer and that didn't work either. Is this a global issue? I don't know.

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I faced the same problem many times. Even today I cant login. It says as always - "Login Failed, Check your info". And there is no problem from my end - not internet, not password, not firewall, not anything.
What I used to do to solve this was - uninstall the game, download all 20GB again & install.
But its not the real solution at all. We need DE to look into this matter.

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