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Please allow us to remove nidus cyst early


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I think part of it is they want people who aren't to the Nidus part of the game to be able to maybe get a Helmenth Charger. So they want people to be "infectious" for a period of time. 

Thing is as far as I am aware you are infectious for the first 24hrs before the Cyst presents itself.

So maybe a compromise~

Make the incubation period 72hrs (3days) only then does the Cyst first presents as a visible thing. At which point the Cyst can immediately be removed without it maturing over the next 3-4 days. They keep the bulk of the spread and those who care about fashion don't have to deal with looking at the thing for 6+ days before they can remove it. 

Edit: technically 96hrs when you figure in the initial 24hr period where it normally hasn't presented. 

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