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Inventory Lose : Last Chance For Waste Money...


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With this last update it's seems like we couldn't buy medikit/ammo pack in future.


Seens "last chance" for buying this kinds of items, i've bought 30 of each (100 for group medipack).

In order to keep a little stock.


After this I modded some of the warframe I use frequently in order to test the new cfg's save system (launching each time a game to save the cfg >>great idea but not really friendlyuser).


Don't really know when but I notice what all items equipped (medi kit, ammo) has disappeared.

Thinking they was unequipped, I cheked the inventory, all this kind of items was lose, same after reboot...


Not a problem of money but I'm a bit disappointed about this...


Haven't really found a support to ask for a fix of my inventory (or report this bug), so I post a topic here.


PS: Sorry for the poor english, hope it's a bit understandable...

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This happen after joined a laggy or maybe a buggy game. In the case which during extraction the host upload data to server saying you used up all your gears equips but which you didn't even touch it. Happens to me many times so i'm not doing public games anymore, or even so, i can't bother to re-equip gear slots.

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I got the same problem just now.

Its not really a problem about using up credits and stuff but its very tiresome to buy them all back, so if any devs are reading this, I'd want my stuff back.

I connected to a laggy host and suddenly got disconnected seconds after joining. Went to reconfigure mods and noticed that my items are not there. Also checked if they were unequipped, but still not there. I also had the same problem before but i ignored it because i was only losing 1 or 2 at a time, but this is the worst so far. Lost about 80 items in 1 go.

edit: i just restocked 30 large heals, 20 ammo box of each type except omni, 20 shield restores, 50 team heals, and 15 starbursts (just because)

oh and what i lost was 10 ammo box of each type, 23 large heals, 25 team heals, 5 starbursts and 10 shield restores (from what i remember) and the stuff i lost before were a couple of ammo boxes and team heals, and 2 omni ammo boxes that i got from xini

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Same problem here, laggy host, gear gone.
Didn't have such large numbers, 3 rifle ammo, 2 pistol ammo, 15 ciphers, 2 team heals, 1 small shield regen and 2 large heals.
I'm am not gonna buy anything anymore though, waste of the little money I have T_T .

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Just happened to me. Read this thread yesterday when i see the last chance. then i buy 70-80 rifle ammo, 50-60 pistol ammo. Was there yesterday. Gone today when i log in, had a couple of 6MB update.

Relog doesnt bring them back. Buy 1 rifle ammo box, the total I got still 1. About 10 sniper, 10-20 team heals, 10 large heals previously obtained lost too (that was equipped). Shield restore, was not equipped and not lost.

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hi all, I need to inform and please ask me solve my problem.
and lost five weapons from my inventory

- Snipertron VANDAL LVL 30 whit 4 forms (con 4 formas) ARMA PERDIDA no aparece en inventario.  (LOST WEAPON)
- Snipertron LVL 0 sin Rango ARMA PERDIDA  (LOST WEAPON)

that happened yesterday and even asked for a support ticket ..
I return idiendo queyo weapons and not sold nor delete
I hope you can help me as soon as possible ... my ticket tieneya more than 1 day with number
thank you.

 PDTA. my english is very bad..

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I have an opposite problem from this, knowing that they are reworking the gear system for the game I decided to use all of the ammo boxes I had and now I have a bug where the boxes are still showing in my inventory but they are showing a quantity of 0 for all of them.  I thought these items were being phased out but why it is still showing an option for them in the gears screen.


Also it allows me to equip these 0 quantity items to the slots and once in mission they all dissappear from it again.

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