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Sentinel in Simulacrum.....




sorry if I might beat a dead horse here but the search didnt bring up anything helpful.

I am trying to test two rivens on my deth machine laser and none of my sentinels starts shooting at the freezed AI.

I made sure that an Attack Mod is equiped but no luck so far and no matter if I use carrier, helios, wyrm or diriga.

Any tips or hints what I should try to fix that?

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vor 3 Stunden schrieb 1Waterstriker:

Put your attack mod on the top left. Even though you may have a attack mod on, if you have other precept mods before it sometimes it will not execute


Thanks for this tip. 
I think it has also to do with the AI beeing freezed but I'll keep that in mind next time. For now I reseted the simulation and didnt freeze the AI and it started working!

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