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Controller bindings not remembered/won't change.


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So I came back to WF for the fortuna update but the game seems to have reset my controller layout to default again (where all your powers are accessed through a submenu and take multiple clicks to select and use) and refuses to let me change it. 

First attempt went fine, the game accepted my new layout and let me test it out a little in the mission where I changed it, but then I went to Valis and when I got there it was reset to the default (again) and now refuses to allow me to change it. 


It's claiming that Transference isn't bound. Which is, you know, totally true, but also not a valid reason for the game to be refusing me to enter a keybind.

Transference is accessed through the keyboard which is sat right next to me. This is the only workaround I've found because Warframe simply requires too many buttons to fit on a standard controller. 

I understand the intent of this 'feature' but it's not merely trying to remind me of something I may have forgotten, it's totally preventing me from entering my preferred layout and thus playing the game.

I'll say again, I CANNOT bind transference to my controller without removing something else, and everything there is something I need. The game will not allow me to continue playing until I do so. 


I'll ditch the map button for now (assuming the game even lets me) but I sincerely hope that this hardblock is patched into an 'Are you sure' message in the near future.

It was a deliberate choice that I made when I unbound that function from my Controller in exchange for actually having proper control over my Warframe Abilities.

Please trust me to know what i'm doing, and allow me to actually play the game.

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