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Parecesis Riven Stats: Keep or rerole?



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vor 45 Minuten schrieb Blade_Wolf_16:

Parascesis is, afaik, a Crit-focused weapon, so no, it shouldn't matter since you're not gonna proc very often anyway. 

You can reroll if you want and try to get some crit stats or range on top of the damage, but it's definetely great as is.

it proccs often enough to matter if it comes to any stat which is duration based. but corrosive will still be most important since its status capabilities are too low for slash/viral for example so corrosive will most likely be the go to element and it has no duration so for that its 100% pointless. -50% isnt too dramatic even for the others though so in the end i basically agree.


vor 50 Minuten schrieb (XB1)GeckoGenesis:

I have an unupgraded Paracesis Riven that with Maximum stats provides 223.6% melee damage, 120.4% Toxin damage, and -48.8% status duration.    Will the almost 50% decrease in status duration hurt too much to use?  Should I rerole the riven?  

keep it. u dont need need crit stats on a riven neccessarily. elemental dmg is highly underrated. toxin or elec are always good since they combine into corrosive and toxin into viral or gas gas too which both have their purpose, more so than the others. boosting that elements procc chance with specifical elemental dmg is always good and with melee dmg on top its surely a good riven. keep it.

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