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will little duck be the vendor for the boss fights in part 2?


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i didnt have much time to play warframe when poe dropped and got playing again a few months ago, i had a real challenge to farm out everything and build up resources to make amps along with everything else so i really dont want to be in the same boat when it comes to part 2 of fortuna

is little duck going to be the vendor for the boss fights do you think? right now there is only 1 level of standing which could be brought up to 5 once the boss fights are dropped, since you need toroids to raise the standing im in a mind to farm as much as possible but since it takes alot of time i dont want to waste all that just for some cosmetics if it turns out something different will be implemented.

there is a few weeks there that i could get a head start in but i just want to know peoples opinions on the subject, i know nothing is confirmed and its a gamble really in the end but what would your best guess be?

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Duck already mentions the Quills and that she has amps for sale (even though they're not there yet) so yes there is planned to be more to her inventory and Vox Solaris in general.

So if one did want to jump start their progress with them farming Toroids now and capping their Vox standing would be a wise move.

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