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Tranq & Conserv Club Feedback FORTUNA SPOILER!!


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Hi, I'd like to provide my own opinion on the most enjoyable content in my Warframe experience so far since fishing came out in POE.

For all the Floofs in the solar system please consider improve the Conservation.


1.) There is some issue with the way the animal tracks laying on the terrain specially when up hill which result in clipping through and lead to track skipping. (Pobblers have the most issue since the foot print is small.)

2.) Animal tracks fading or disappearing when player stay too close or on top of the track.

3.) Color and contrast of the animal tracks on terrain is not very helpful when the track leading into a very busy colored ground. (Up the snowy hill with lots of black and white spots or passing through dense fungal forest with orange, white and brown spots).

4.) The wind cannot be measure accurately and the sway of the vegetation is unreliable result in you get good capture for no reason even when invisible and stay well hidden.


1.) Looking through tranquilizer gun should allow you to track the trail to the animal calling spot like tracking synthesis target or enhanced the track visibility.

2.) Making animal tracks glow brighter when closer to player instead of omitted.


I currently have no reliable way to get perfect capture at all time even with stealth frame like Ivara with sleeping arrow.
I stay invisible before using an echo-lure and sleep the animal from afar before capture it without stepping on them and still get good capture sometimes with no idea why it happen.

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