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Archwing Hardest Boss


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Are you using the experimental controls or the old ones? 

Experimental have you drift like crazy.  While the old ones will leave you slower but give you a lot more control (at the expense of having less aiming flexibility as well).

And what maps are you playing on?  Corpus starships are mildly annoying to navigate when on the old controls and become a major pain with the experimental set.

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The thinking was creating a movement system for a mode that tries to fully utilize three-directional movement while the experimental controls were to create working controls for omni-directional movement.

If you actually want it changed to something better then feel free to post some ideas to the proper feedback forum.

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5 hours ago, (PS4)Zortas54 said:

Controls are abysmal. I mean come on seriously what was the thinking behind such an abomination.

Are you saying that the hardest boss to fight in Archwing is the controls? 

The first set we got are good IMO. The ones for PoE made me I'll and wish they would go back to original. Sharkwing is good at times. 

As for your topic question.....there is only one, right? Jordas Golem.

Is there even another boss we can Archwing fight? Eidilons? Never seen anyone fight them with Arches. 


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