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Tomplexthis's New Index {my old one got archived, again}


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Just a collaboration of all my concepts i build up, and that get archived, cause i need a space to better view them all, or collect them. xD

First. 2nd old index, the bag of ideas thing also got lost 

The first index thing i made, long ago


please look into pluto =[





And all the other recent topics


The spoiler is a small aura themed based concept for every warframe.


I have a weird conceptual idea to add to every warframe.

It isnt much but a 2nd passive, every warframe has a passive and an aura

The Aura's apply a 15% buff to teammates only.

For squad game-play and benefits

auras stack up to 45% only, so in trials [8 man runs] it stays at 45%

or maybe, its a 1 stack only cap, maybe, i think 3 stacks would be cool

but uni formally, a diverse team applies multiple different boosts, and a secular team grants a huge boost

auras stack, so its like say

Trinity has an aura that grants 15% more health to allies

Rhino grants 15% more armor to allies

Mesa grants 15% more holster rate

Ivara gives 5Ft enemy sense

Mag gives 5ft loot radar

harrow grants 15% more shields

nezha grants 15% slide

Zephyr grants 15% glide time

volt gives 15% faster reload speed


The general concept would be that every warframe has an aura specified to their type of design

An aura for every frame, could be kind of cool.

maybe, perhaps, who knows, Auras seem interesting.

great for team building






So many ideas, but really i just have a few more, like Panthera and Buzlok changes, and a new hook sword called Zeronarwa, a dual abilitied mastery 12 sword.

seer wraith. cronus wraith as drops from Corrupted Vor, and maybe later a Wax based constructor warframe, who can make aura projecting static objects. we can stand on.

his idea was litterally designed around me creating objects over water, to fish on, easier

some weaponszz



Zeronarwa - Panthera - Buzlok ideas


 Mastery    12
TopWeapon Slot    Melee
MiniMapMod Type    Sword [HOOK SWORD Zeronarwa]

*On critical hits, emits chains from the blade that pull in nearby enemies within 12m

*On charged attack kills, emits a pulse that heals nearby allies and user for 5% of damage dealt within 12m

*^heals companions, defection targets, defense target, and other players

Attack Speed    1.12
Channeling Dmg    2.0x
Disposition 3 [1.23/1.60]
Normal Attacks
Corrosive b 22.5   Puncture b 47.0   Slash b 22.5
Total Damage    92.0 (Puncture b 50%)

Crit Chance    5%
Crit Multiplier   
Status Chance    32%
Polarities    1 Madurai, Naramon, and Vazarin Polarity
Stance Polarity    No Polarity


Iron Phoenix (Unairu Pol)
Crimson Dervish (Madurai Pol)
Vengeful Revenant (Madurai Pol)
Swooping Falcon (Madurai Pol)
Rising Steel (Unairu Pol) (PvP Only)

------------------Buzlok change

Aiming will now mark any targets in the reticule, and all shots fired will seek out those targets

could change the gun itself to do this instead, bullets are now explosive needles, that damage on impact, but stay into the enemy

Activating the secondary fire will explode all the bullets inside the targets, deal more damage + blast procs

stat change

Fire Rate    6.25 rounds per sec [increased to 8.25 rounds per sec]
Magazine Size    50 rounds per mag [increased to 80 rounds per mag]
Max Ammo    540 rounds
Reload Time    3.0 s 
Disposition    Disposition5 1.385
Normal Attacks
Impact b 30.0    Puncture b 24.0    Slash b 6.0
Total Damage    60.0 (Impact b 50%)
Crit Chance    23%
Crit Multiplier    2.5x
Status Chance    21%

the secondary fire would now instead explode all bolts as 60 base damage + 60 blast damage per shot, guaranteed proc

all bullets that hit targets stay in them for 3 seconds


Small change of simply switching the secondary chainsaw fire to primary instead, and secondary blade fire to secondary

you can change this in the menus, but it would be better if set up already, since pantheras coolest feature is its chainsaw blade






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Floofs in the plains

K drives in the plains

Bounties repeatable from plains


An airplane warframe.

Since people and mods are disgusting

Id rather post here


His full name is

Francisca Esteban Wareham Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez' Lopez

And his 4 powers are taco flavored


1 fires 4 heat seeking nachos

They deal puncture damage and toxin proc for 8 seconds. Targets are rooted 4 seconds

2 he hops an turns on his sour cream trail

As he moves he leaves behind a gooey white sour cream trail that traps and disarms all enemies who foolishly enter. Enemies armor and shields are degraded by a % while trapped

3 he sits still and eats lettuce

He is invincible while doing this. Holding the button drains energy and restores his health. He eats lettuce. Yup

4 he unleashes a mystifying wave of mariachi music that compems every enemies head to become a taco.

This replaces their heads with tacos. Blinding all their sense intelligence and morality. Reducing their accuracy to 0 and caysing enemies to wander aimlessly attacking whatever they touch


Health 450

Shields 225

Sprint 1.35

Energy 225

Armor 350


I legitametly love his powers baser concepts. Came up for him at work

? i also like tacos and lettuce


His passive grants health regen of 3ps and a bonus 25% health to all companions 

Sentinels mia kavata kubrows


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why though. i wonder if the archive system changed or something.


why did i have so many ideas. i really wish the narrative of Warframe would get finished. 

like having a full on campaign would be great, but i also wanted to rework all the old 1 shot kill bosses.

seargeant, vor, garruk, lech krill, phorid, hyena pack, lephantis.


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