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Exalted Weapons Ultimate Attack


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I believe Exalted weapons should Combo to build a charge meter for an Ultimate attack and holds it's charge if not used.

For Melee Exalted Weapons, use charge attack to release 360 Ultimate attack, infinite punch thru in 30m radius, damage multiplied with Epic animation

Exalted Melee should also have movement, secondary attack should leap attack to the enemy like [Hysterical Assualt] (Excal Slash Dashes) (Wukong Iron Vaults) and be much like Garudas 1 (35% enemy health results in finish)

For Exalted Guns when charged use secondary fire to shoot 360 Ultimate infinite punch thru 40m radius, fast fire, damage multipled, no ammo use with Epic animation.


Example for Valkyr Hysteria





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