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Thanks for finally kicking all the chat spammers


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I could not agree more. 
(this is only a tinytinytinytinytiny part of the things that can happen when stuff like that gets out of control)

Chat is not for people spamming "OWO" or any variation of that meme. It does not create a better surrounding and won't help other players out who have questions about the game or want to start a sorta "normal" conversation...
It is not "fun" imo, sry, not a good meme for this ingame chat at all. Since spamming in the chat is against the rules, the kicks that followed weren't a real surprise^^'
Simple rule: Do not Spam.

So...just good to see a thread like that once in a while^^'  thank you for those words 🙂

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~penguins (and added the screenshot)
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