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Fishing problem made obvious with Fortuna.


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The problem I'm talking about here is a failure to activate bait / dye upon it landing in the water. It wasn't noticable in PoE due to consistent underwater terrain sloping, with Venus however it's shallow, all kinds of bumpy and overall just random, that causes the bait / dye to be destroyed since it need to dive a certain depth before it will surface and it's effect will become active. It is especially painful in caves due to cramped spaces and relatively small pools of water there.

I've noticed the consistency of this problem when fishing for "Long-whatever" fish that spawns during warm cycle near the coolant lake hotspots. At first I though that bait just doesn't work since there's already been a few fixes to different baits, but the root of the problem became obvious when I used luminus dye: it didn't work either when I was throwing it in the hotspot, since it was a shallow part of the lake, I threw several dyes with no effect but when I moved my aim a few meters away, to the deeper part, and threw the dye - all the fish lit up right away.

So, not only we have to spend rep on the bait (which I don't really have a problem with), but we have to:

A. wait for 20 min just fish for 4.

B. guess whether or not the bait will actually spawn it's fish

C. guess how long do we have till the bait runs out.


To fix this I suggest:

- Make it so the bait / dye effects take place upon using them or at the very least upon connecting with the water, diving mechanics needs to go.

- Make it so the bait / dye is only expended if it managed to activate their respective effects.

- Make the bait ignore the temperature cycle. Waiting 20 minutes to fish for 4 and then wait again is in no way an engaging experience.

- Add a timer to the HUD for the effects of the bait / dye similar to buffs and abilities.

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