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Fortuna Vox Solaris Begining missions K bomb detonate bug


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Bug is go outside of fortuna after talking with supervisor, corpus meets you right at front gate. It says " detonate K bomb" so I hit detonate and nothing happens , it just says " defend the gate" with no timer. kill everything in the area, nothing happens, just sit there for 5 mins and nothing happens. I tried this multiple attempts, I even restarted the game re logged, verified game files. 

After multiple attempts, the bug persists, I even tried to invite a friend to come and detonate the bomb for me. He detonated the bomb but nothing happened for both of us we just sit there with "defend the gates" no timer with no enemies around the gate, the Gate is disabled I can't get back inside, I had to quit mission.053F1183DACFB2EC6CB9D9AD5DA3EE86A27BD231

AFter having friend go extract , it auto teliport me to extraction, and I was just stuck there with null objective : "defend ..."9BBCEFCEFF9493FAFFE583DCFD7CFB2E2E903BDE

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