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Can't exit PoE, issue has been present for over a year


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After doing several bounties one of my teammates, the host, ditched the group without saying anything and it kicked me from the group entirely. (A problem on its own that I can't believe DE hasn't fixed yet.)
Well, I went and did about 2 hours of mining and decided to bring my haul home.
Now I can't exit the plains at all. Just stand at the door and nothing happens.
Tried going back out to the plains and back in, to a cave and back, tried killing stuff and coming back, nothing.
I'll have to abort and lose all my loot from bounties and all my gems.

Here are links to other people who have had this same issue since PoE released, has never been fixed.

Please, fix this issue that drastically affects those hit by it.
You lose everything you did while you were out.
I can't imagine why anyone would want to go mining or fishing, with the risk of losing everything, if this kind of bug can happen.

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