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Speculation on how we might fight Orbs


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Hi, I want to share with you a little speculation I just thought of. So we have the Orbs. Profit-taker and Exploiter. Those biiig crippled spiders missing four legs and this lovely ability to be killed for some amazing loot and stuff. We know that we cannot defeat them for now, even though some players menaged to partially damage them (I believe that was hinted by DE to be a bug). So HOW DO WE FIGHT THEM? I was just running through Orb Vallis, doing some generic stuff Tenno do and in one of Corpus bases I got thought. In these bases there is a number of pretty intriguing, interactive objects. You can use them, then they play some animation and well... Nothing really happens. And this fact has led me to an idea - Why would DE make so many interactive, important-looking and yet pointless objects to these places? (Except ofc the amazing shower in one of grineer tileset). I think thay this may be related to Orbs. I think that maybe we'll have to like activate some of them at once in different bases with help of team members to initaite the Orb fight... Or something 😛 Again - just a thought, a speculation. What do you guys think? 😉

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