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Inspiration Hall limit is Too Low


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With the latest update we can now use Inspiration Halls as spawn rooms... which requires deleting a large part of ones' dojo if you want it to look decent. The problem is that my dojo as it stand has like ten Inspiration Halls, if I delete these to replace the Grandest Hall my clanmates can never get them back!

I get that the intention never was for people to make their entire Dojo out of Inspiraton Halls. I'm sure the limit was put in place for good reason, but there's a huge difference between loading a Dojo made out of 100 max-capacity Inspiration Halls and loading a Dojo with eight of them. But only three halls total? If you must be so restrictive with them, at least give us a fourth for symmetry's sake!

Please consider giving us a few blank-slate sandbox rooms in other sizes so that we can show you what we can do with them! I don't mean to knock the existing rooms' themed decor, but it only fits certain concepts and excludes a lot of others. Here's a few canvasses I've dreamed of being able to use since even before the Dojo updates:

  • a small garden (square room with four doors)
  • a large garden (square room with four halls)
  • a large garden but with a cylindrical central area instead of the normal rectangular one
  • a few dead-end rooms like Oracles, Barracks, and Dueling Rooms, but with all the clutter removed
  • an Observatory-like room with a view and an option to build "outside" without glitching - maybe this one should also have a limited number available to be built
  • a smaller version of the above without a restriction on the number available
  • a really tall Elevator-without-the-elevator type tower room that can connect two floors via parkour!
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I literally started my dojo over from scratch, and planned to have 6 inspirstion halls, maybe 12 if i could make the maze work, but then i get to queueing my 4th one and i cant. Now i have to redesign my whole dojo again, and make it less awesome, just because i was a few weeks late in starting the reconstruction. It's simple unobstainable things like this that make me hate waframe.

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I agree as well. We started building in symmetrical order, yet the other side of map couldn't have second inspirational hall there, because realised there's a cap of 3 rooms.

This isn't enough for comfortable designing (even if the clan has a few wardlords, not every of them can get their inspirational hall to work with), and isn't an even number, which also limits the symmetry.

If there's possibility to have even more obstacle courses than that, when they're much greater rooms. Please increase cap to at least double (6 rooms, an even number), 10 would be perfect for comfort designing.

It's also unfair, because other dojos who built their halls earlier, have them kept. It's obvious they will never destroy the dojo, knowing the low limit. The restriction will most likely block the development of every new dojo, which could become built from now on. New players and new decorators, growing clans, will have it as an disadvantage in compare to other greater clans. There will be no freedom of creating there. Existing clans will stop creating in dojos as well, since they can't do anything about their map order, and nobody will try to limit their workspace by deleting whole dojo, since after that they wouldn't be able to build many inspirational halls anymore. So existing clans will stop working in their dojos, and new clans will be disadvantaged in compare to existing, who designed their dojo before this restriction.

Why is this topic so silent? I believe the dojos which don't really worry about it too much, since they already have built their inspirational halls, will remain silent. What would they do about it, they're just glad they made the dojo before restrictions applied.

This is the reason it seems to me extremally not equal.

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