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First off welcome to the nut house, I'll be your tour guide for today.

If you look over to the left you'll see a bunch of people arguing about endgame,

And over on the right is a bunch of people arguing about YouTubers and their opinions,

And waay down there in the corner is a valid piece of feedback being pushed further and further away into the forgotten depths of the forum archives because nobody read it and bumped it up since it didn't have anything to argue about in it.

Hope this tour has been enlightening and have a nice day 😄

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3 hours ago, (XB1)Zokaj said:

I am new to online forums and don't really know how they work. I want to get more involved in the community but I am unsure how to do so. Help is very appreciated.

Just read threads in the players helping players section and see if there is anything you can answer.

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Forums = 99.99% useless drivel and whining, .01% information and helpful assistance.


It's not -quite- that bad, but can be frustrating. I'll recommend a few points here:

1) Do NOT get upset with people and enter into a flame war with them (easier said than done and I've been pulled into a few >.<). Trolls get their jollies by triggering you. The best way to infuriate them is to ignore them while interacting with those that are actually using intelligent thought to post. Plus, you'll keep your stress levels lower.

2) Don't try to keep up with every thread. Unless you have zero life, you wo't be able to.

3) Learn where to post correctly. Example: Post feedback to the Devs in Feedback. Posting feedback in General will just get you a bunch of opinions which, with another $8.00 USD, will get you a (small) cup of coffee.

4) Keep up to date on Updates before posting. It helps avoid that embarrassment of "Oh, that's already changed". I recommend PC Updates sub forum as PC gets the updates forst to hammer out all the bugs/glitches, heh.

5) Watch the Dev streams and Prime Time as well as other DE streams. Often there is information that is dropped in just a few words, but isn't included in the patch notes. Not that the Devs didn't want us to know, but usually that they thought we already did.

6) Double-check facts before helping others. Not saying anything is more help than spreading dis-information by mistake.


Oh, and welcome to the Warframe Community 😎

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