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Robotics Mods Can't Be Dissolved?!


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why is it that there is always at least 7 mods, which I find the first one in some random mission, never have used, and probably never will use, but I am unable to dissolve it into much needed credits. Honestly, mods should not be something that says "can't sell last of," only things I see any logic in that are for things that you ACTUALLY NEED to play the game, such as when you have one warframed in your inventory, and it tells you that you are not allowed to sell your last warframe, but MODS?! COME ON!!!

And if the whole reason this is set up for a good portion of the robotics mods, and those speciific to a sentinel, well, if the mod for attacking isnt equipped, then either make it that the sentinel just does not attack, or that it can not be deployed, a player can also go into a mission without a sentinel, so why is it that the mods for them can not be dissolve?!

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