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K-drive parts misalignment issue


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The biggest offender is the T2 board (Flatbelly) trying to copy the smaller base K-drive everyone starts out with. As a result the T2 reactor (Arc Twelve) is shoved partway into the board instead of hanging at the back, and the Warframe's foot clips into the reactor while riding the K-drive.

Also, the jets (Step Tens) aren't attached to the board; they're hovering apart with 2 inches of blank space. They're also pushed forward instead of hanging at the rear end of the board, being aligned with the reactor.

Goes completely against the preview, which shows the reactor at the back of the K-drive and jets firmly attached to the sides.

Arsenal preview at least positions Arc Twelve properly at the back, but Step Tens are still suspended mid-air.

This bug could even be seen in the recent Devstream when rebecca was riding the T2 board.


On a related note, T1 board has an issue with Twin Kavat jets suspended in mid-air. The reactor is shoved inward as well.

I can't speak for the T3 board as I don't have it yet (and the Fatboys are intentionally designed to be suspended anyway). Misaligned Fatboys doesn't look as bad, but the T3 board also shoves jets and reactor up ahead as well. All boards suffer from this issue, pretty much.


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T1 and T3 board also affected wholly by bug.
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17 hours ago, Teitaka said:

The same issue with the T3 board, this is what it looks like when building:

But in missions the Arc Twelve Reactor is clipping way into the board as seen here:

Ah, so Needlenose suffers the same issue. On the plus side Fatboys are suspended parts so they're not affected too badly, but still sucks to see the reactor get shoved inward once more.

As it is the T1 board seems to be the best stapled-together K-drive in terms of reactor positioning, although the jets still hover out a bit.

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