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Operator Clipping and Male Hood Bug


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Hello, I decided on a whim to replay the Second Dream after Fortuna and it appears that there are a couple of bugs involving the operator mesh changes. 

There is a LOT of clipping on the operator model during the second dream. It is most obvious near the chest area, which is extremely patchy and clippy. I think this is due to the fact that the operator model in the second dream quest itself is using the wrong textures.

Furthermore, during the focus tree selection there are semicolons in front of some lines of text such as " ;I remember..."

Hopefully this will get fixed soon since it kind of takes away from the experience of the Second Dream.

Edit: I also noticed that the Zariman hood's colors are mixed up on the front when the hood is opened... It should be red on inside and black on the outside rather having the lining's red color on the outside and the black color on the inside.

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