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Tiberon Prime color tints and hand clipping


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I noticed this a while back and even made a post about it and some other color tint issues but it was unnoticed probably like this one's gonna be, but hey at least I'll try.

So here in the first picture I highlighted both issues, the Green is a bad case of Hand clipping which I'll show off more in other pictures and the Red are color tints that need fixing IMO. The issue with the color tint is that Primary tint colors basically 70% of the weapon and it has both metallic and non metallic surfaces that makes the gun look weird because it never quite matches. The metallic surfaces should be separated from the Primary tint and be placed in another tint (Accents preferably since they are usually reserved for metallic) to both remove the metallic and non-metallic surface mixing and also to balance out the ratio of coloring seeing as 70% of the weapon is in 1 tint which is usually much better spread out across tints. With that said the gun generally doesn't have really well balanced color designation and could use a complete overhaul to better allocate colors but I'll settle for separation of the metallic and non-metallic from Primary tint. (A bit off Tiberon P topic, this issue is also present on other weapons, frames and more recently our new MOA companions who have A LOT of metallic and non-metallic mixing, pretty confident 3 out of 5 tints have that issue ATM could be 2/5 which is still bad nonetheless)

Now here I'll focus on the Hand Clipping part which is a bigger issue I guess (still neither are actually big issues sort of speak, just a bit of OCD triggering). So hand clipping varies between frames and animation sets used on them, sometimes (very rarely) it will even randomly start working fine when you switch weapons back and forth some will trigger the proper hand placement but for the majority of the time you just see a hand going straight through the gun. This is not an issue only Tiberon Prime's suffering from, I've noticed an increasing amount of weapons having clipping issues recently that didn't have them before and the weird part is that they do have a proper placement just as you equip them and then the hand just drifts off into the gun a second later, so it's not exactly incorrect hand placement as much as the hand moves post equip and then starts clipping, maybe that's some sort of a clue for a fix?

And here just quickly to show off how it looks when you aim, this one is much more consistent across frames since the aiming animation is the same across the board.

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