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Spawn rates broken


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Ever since about 2 months ago I have been experiencing some crazy bugs with enemy spawn rates. Several missions wouldn't have enemies spawn at all untill I've done 2 complete circuit runs of the map. Others wouldn't even spawn then and I would be forced to abort the mission. 

This want's too bad, as a little bit of patience helps. But it got worse with time.

The enemy spawn rates and locations are completely out of wack right now. Ive been on extermination missions trying to be stealthy, and a grineer squad would just spawn beside me.

Other missions would only spawn half the enemies required for the mission's completion. This is especially irritating on Uranus where you have to slowly navigate miles of underwater areas in the hopes of finding something to further your objective. This mainly happens in squad missions, solo missions are usually alright.

I do understand there have been similar bug reports all over. But I can't seem to find any with information about why this is happening or even if it is being looked in to. 

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