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Fortuna fishing issues


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well first and for most the luminos dye only works half the time, nor can i currently figure out what the cause of it not working ether, when its in the plains it works fine

fish also tend to spawn in the walls


this is one of the few i know that have issue with them spawning in the walls or unable to get to, not sure if universal bug or what but might as well keep track for what other ones are doing this if anyone else wants to post

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I would like to add multiple more issues:

  • Crashes upon reeling in any fish. Especially fun if you've been mining and fishing for a while already and you then loose hours of progress. Happened to me 3 times in caves, once outside at the coolant lake. All times while hotspots were going on. Thrice with Scrubbers, once with an Echowinder.
  • Cave hotspots appearing rarely, and if they do, then in cave water in which fish can not spawn, like so: 




  • Fish spawning under the ground, especially again in caves, like so:




  • Textures on water preventing fishing. You can aim at a fish, it will not get highlighted. Neither can you throw your spear at it, as it will recoil at the touch of the water surface. Happened in the same cave as the image above was taken.

  • Fish are largely invisible, or extremely poorly visible. Easily indicated by catching one with the Stunna, which then shows sparks on invisible stunned fish, like so: 




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Added image for clarification.
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12 hours ago, Bostjan said:

I have found that hotspots are only visible to the host and not the client. So I was chucking the lures in the wrong places.

I can confirm this. I duplicated this bug tonight with a friend.

Hosting tonight, I saw cave fishing and lake/pond fishing hotspots but yesterday I couldn't when he was hosting. 

Today when we swapped and I hosted, he couldn't see them. 

This certainly makes sharing bait impossible currently.

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The problem I've had with fishing is that whenever I've missed a shot (and sometimes when I've made it ans successfully reeled it in) the rope on the spear starts glitching out and swinging all over the place and I can't move not throwing the spear, walking away or switching to weapons then a minute or two later the spear "returns" to my hand even though I was aiming with it before although I couldn't throw it.

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