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Cave fishing hotspots not appearing at low settings


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I wasted a whole lot of time trying to find cave hotspots and finding none. Eventually while in a fishable cave, I remembered reading that the blue dye had a bug where its range was dependent on the geometry detail in the graphics settings. The blue dye was doing quite a spotty job at highlighting fish (and later in the plains as well). I raised that up a bit, then fooled around a bit to see what I could get away with in Orb Vallis without the framerate running below 40fps. Hotspots were visible in that cave after confirming the changes, and I've found cave hotspots fairly often afterwards with those same higher settings. I think a lot of people may be running into this issue without realizing it, since a lot of us lowered our settings within 10 seconds of walking out of Fortuna for the first time.

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I have low settings and have been running into the same issues. I can see hotspots in the lake, but not caves. It's not a Host/Client problem for me since I'm running solo.

Edit: Turns out actually that there isn't likely a bug with cave hotspots appearing or not with different graphics settings, it's just cave hotspots are rare in occurrence

I found one and set the graphics to the low preset and it made the hotspot stand out even morevEhaixJ.jpg

There is still the issue with the Luminous dye not affecting all of the (robo)fish

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