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Balor Fomorian drops


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All drops:

Fomorian Sabotage
400 Endo Common (40.00%)
Imperator Vandal Barrel Uncommon (10.00%)
Imperator Vandal Receiver Uncommon (10.00%)
Imperator Vandal Blueprint Uncommon (10.00%)
Hypothermic Shell Rare (5.00%)
Charged Bullets Rare (5.00%)
Contamination Casing Rare (5.00%)
Cryo Coating Rare (5.00%)
Ion Infusion Rare (5.00%)
Infectious Injection Rare (5.00%)

and ill put in the razorback ones too...

Gorgon Wraith Blueprint Uncommon (18.97%)
Gorgon Wraith Barrel Uncommon (18.97%)
Gorgon Wraith Receiver Uncommon (18.97%)
Gorgon Wraith Stock Uncommon (18.97%)
Bore Rare (5.53%)
Piercing Caliber Rare (5.53%)
Breach Loader Rare (5.53%)
Auger Strike Rare (5.53%)
Magma Chamber Ultra Rare (1.01%)
Searing Steel Ultra Rare (1.01%)
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1 minute ago, (XB1)KayAitch said:

After over 20 runs I have 3-4k endo, 8 IV BPs and 3 IV Receivers, no IV Barrels, no mods. Obviously RNGesus hates me, but those drop chances still don't look right - the BP is significantly more likely than 10%, the barrel appears to be less.

We're running on the old drop tables because the mods listed aren't in the console version yet. Those were added in the Fortuna update. So yeah the part %'s are screwy.

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