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Game of the Host crashes when Titania cast Spellbind on a Bolarola


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If Titania uses her first abilitie Spellbind on a Bolarola in Orb Vallis, the Bolarola gets invisible for all players except the Host. For the Host it freezes in the air and just levitate towards the sky till the abilitie ends. The Bolarola will drop after the abilitie runs out and ragdoll about half a meter over the ground then the game of the host freezes and crash. After the Host migration the other players can find the Bolarola at the entrance of Orb Vallis and can catch it if they want. The Bolarola must have spottet Titania for this bug to work. Crash report Code: WAR-207448220181118010737_1.jpg20181118010545_1.jpg

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