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Macroing Melee Attack


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Can I macro my melee attack on my mouse to press E every 10 milliseconds and set it to repeat so I can hold it down instead of giving myself carpal tunnel pressing it manually a hundred times a second? I read some threads saying it was allowed but no harm asking again. 86eb5e5813.png

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The kind of macro with 'hold to spam' is honestly kind of weird in the restrictions that's given. At the same time, if you're holding it, it's not exactly automation, but you're also only holding down a button for an extended period of time, which is sort of automation. See, this topic is always f#ckin weird. Either way, I understand your intentions but I don't really know if it's kay or nay.

Edit: macro is fine if its not automation. Which is why half-case like this really strike the question

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DE have been purposely a little coy with being straight forward about answering this and left it a little vague. But since a lot of gamers use simple macros like that to avoid health issues or undue stress on hardware and reddit hasn't blown up with players getting banned for these types of macros, like making held button autofires for semi weaps and melee spam, it's currently safe to assume DE arent banning people for that in particular


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The main reason I've been avoiding melee actually is the fact that I would need to either smash E key like crazy to play, which is not something I like to do :laugh: maybe I'll reconsider it if I will get my hands onto making such macro too if it's allowed. Actually automatic attack should be built into client, really.

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DE has said it's ok to use scripts as long as they don't play for you, like an away-from-keyboard script.
What the OP describes is an accessibility issue, so using scripts is fine.
After replacing my laptop's E key *twice* I started using https://www.autohotkey.com/

You can use this script:
setKeyDelay, 50, 50
setMouseDelay, 50

    while (banana=1)
        send, e
        sleep, 300
Change XButton1 to whatever button you want.
When you press it, it will start simulating an E press every 300ms.
Press it again to stop.

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