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PC crashed when updating now it wants to dl everything


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6 minutes ago, Rest_In_Pieces said:

Now I restarted steam and it is downloading 17.500mb

So, it wants to download 17.5 MB, what is the issue here? That should take about five seconds.


Perhaps you put the wrong number/unit in... Regardless, you have to do the download if you want to play. You probably corrupted the data, so it needs to reinstall.

  • I have a couple of friends that got a BSOD during playing and the game deleted itself (as well as all Nvidia software).
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1 minute ago, Rest_In_Pieces said:

Yes I mean 17500mb. 

I figured that was probably the case. You will just have to suck it up and download that amount (or more). You might have corrupted a bunch of files, meaning it has to redownload.

  • The launcher has a habit of deleting all the 'bad' files if it finds any.
  • You can copy it from a friends computer if you do not mind jumping through a couple of hoops. Downloading it is usually easier/quicker.
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