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Anyone Forma-Ed Their Dethcube Yet?


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I forma'd and potato'd my Cube and my Shade. 


Yes, my shade. I will actually put another forma I got from daily lottery on him whenever I max him again. I also farmed a spare Lethal Torrent just for him and gave him one of my extra Barrel Diffusion, his accuracy is still crap but I'll fix that with more firing speed. 



wich is no longer needed since you can duoble equip mods now ...


I found that out today as well and I dont know if this is an oversight or intended


edit: okay, its a bug ^^

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Because Freeze does a better at CC via slow and always procs and adds damage, especially to shields. Here's some food for thought: What's better, a dead enemy or a stunned enemy? At higher levels, Freeze still slows while it adds damage and hits shields regardless of armour/hp hard, whereas Stun has a lower proc and a shorter duration and no additional damage. Since I consider all the other mods essential, that's how the cookie crumbles in my book.



man, does stun even work ? ... I have the max of 55% stun on rifles ... it stuns sometimes, I guess ... but you cant even check stun.base.values on weapons to get an idea of the actual stun Chance ... its useless ...


and with mods like crowdcontrol I imagine Standing in front of an storming Horde being able to stop them for a few seconds

but stun has no effect on infested



and then there is staggering.force ... wich adds stun


are enemys more often staggered with stun mods?

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