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Problmes with Conclave, Operator and Noggles


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I am currently having the following issues with Warframe I have been having for the longest time that I have been thinking some update would resolve but have not. Sorry to drop all of these at once.

1. The Conclave Mod – Follow Through has been spawning me with 10 energy every time as oppose to adding 10 energy each time I die. For example, I can die with 50 energy and will then spawn with 10 instead of 60.

If this is an intentional change IÂ’m sorry to bother but the wording on the Mod of On Respawn: +10 Energy makes it sound as if players will get 10 added energy at every death as oppose to only having 10 on respawn.

This has been a problem for 2 months, I can confirm the mod use to work as I thought prior to some update.


2.       My Operator Sigil customization controls are not 1 to 1 with my Warframe Sigil customization controls.

The only functions unavailable to me for Operator Sigil customization is the function of the two arrows on each side of every option, the < and > are unresponsive for Rotation, Width, Height, X Offset, Y Offset, and Alpha.

I can neither click on arrows to affect the Sigil or hold a click on the arrows to slide to me preference.

This has been a problem since acquiring my Operator.


3.       My custom Transference button, the left d-pad button, is unresponsive when I load up the game for the first mission.

After I leave to 2 different areas it works again, EX: from Orbiter to Dojo and to a mission.

This isnÂ’t so bad but a glitch I have been having for 6 months plus.


4.       The heads of Noggle statues are not visible, the Noggles appear as if having no heads.

This has been an issue since the update for the recent Plague Star event.

As far as I know these issues are unique to me but just in case, such as my previously submitted and still currently unresolved issue with the Ash Syandana, please let know where to properly report these issues.

Thank you for your time


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