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Synthesis Target Committed Suicide?



So here's the problem. 

I was soloing on Europa trying to synthesize 2 Boiler Targets in one of the excavation missions. The first Boiler was a success, trapped it with the siphon trap and scanned the points.

However when I retried the excavation mission to scan the second Boiler, it ended with failure. At first I followed the trail with the synthesis scanner and by the time I got to the target it was running along a cliff, Simaris didn't say anything like "There it is! Ripe for synthesis!" Anyways I proceed to put down my siphon trap as the Target was trying to run away.

I don't know what made the Target to throw itself off the cliff but it was when the siphon trap beam touched the target.

After a scolding from Simaris, I decided to try and find the target again. It Target wouldn't spawn anywhere else after the second Target flew off the cliff like a rag doll.

So is this a synthesis bug or what do I need to be aware of?

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