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Ocucor special effect kinda anticlimactic,


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Just got the Ocucor yesterday and from all the info I can glean about it it's actually pretty powerful once you build it but the tendral mechanic thus far has been kinda meh. 

When I first read the Ocucor description apparently I skipped the "on kill" but and went strait to "OMG SWEET! I'ts going to be similar to that Operator beam I love" Which in itself isn't all that efficient because you can't really control where it's aiming all that well but it's fun mechanic.

The thing is I keep hitting two hard stops with the tendril effects 

  1. First is when you are dealing with one enemy which renders the more like an average beam weapon #402.
  2. When you reload which is all the time, cause that canceled the effect turning it into an average beam weapon #121 until you kill a new thing.

Now I did entertain extending my magazine capacity to curb issue 2 but even with magazine mods I could only comfortably get to 56 which for something with a fire rate of 12 is maybe an extra second. You can get it to 80 but that takes Tainted Clip which slows down the reload and going from 1.6 to 2.3 feels like a pretty big hit even tho you where already pretty close to 2 to begin with. 

Even then tho it's not so much that the reload is a huge bummer on it's own, it's that the reload cancles the nifty effect and you're left with generic beam weapon #603 until and if you can get a kill close enough to turn it into the Ocucor again. 


Now it does really shine when there is a close nit group of enemies and you get a kill on one and it goes absolutely nuts, it feels great, at least until it reloads and forces you out of "Ocucor mode". 

I keep trying to mentally compare it to the Phage because it has "tendrils" as well, they don't seek anything but beam tendrils. The major difference being that while the Phage does require a bit of a ramp up to dial in where you want the beam to be, it also starts with a base Magazine of 90. Which means you can get a lot more run around time with the Phage without Magazine mods and that Magazine mods give a much more substantial kick. 

Then I think about weapons like the Amperex that just arcs to like everything in front of it and ask myself "why can't the Ocucor just be fun all the time?". Why does the Ocucor need to ever go back to being generic beam weapon #909? Not that I'm expecting Amperex levels of performance out of this thing more that Amperex just always does "the thing". 


So in conclusion I really want to love the mechanic and the power seems overall fine but the fact that it feels like it has this Jeckel and Hide thing going on between being a super generic beam weapon (insert number) and "THE OCUCOR!". Which really doesn't feel like it needs to be there. 


My suggestions would be to Increasing the magazine size to 90 which might make it feel a bit better cause it will reduce the frequency of reloading ruining "the fun". Alternatively leave the Magazine capacity where it is and make the tendrils an "all the time" thing, cause even when they trigger they don't take the Ocucor from zero to gamebrekingly OK they just add some flare to the weapon. And it feels cool and unique when it's doing "the thing" but at the same time it feels so very generic when it isn't. 


Personally I'm going to go ahead and drop some more Forma into it even tho I'm really on the fence about it, mostly because Fortuna had me pick up Nekros again and Nekros was formerly my "This is what I use to kill Sentients" frame. So it seems fitting that he get the Sentient themed weapons, like the Ocucor and the Batticor. Maybe it's just me but I like to kinda theme my frames and weapons. 

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I'm quite disappointed with this weapon, especially when i compare it to the atomos, or other beam/radiation/aoe secondaries like the cycron for example or of course the staticor. IMO it's either a bit too weak, or too inconvenient, and frustrating.


First, fix the bugs!


Then, here's what i would suggest to improve it (various ideas, not everything at once of course) :

- allow us to keep the tendrils through reloads, with a refreshable timer on kill. Current mechanism works in low levels, not so much beyond.

- give it partial magazine refill on kill (uses ammo), or automatic refill with a delay like the cycron (maybe slower, also uses ammo).

- increase the base and/or max number of tendrils (currently 0 and 4 respectively) an/or give us 2 per enemy killed instead of 1.

- increase the mag size as suggested by the OP (doubling it doesn't sound crazy to me).

- give the beam innate 2m punch through enemies.

- increase range of the beam and/or allow ruinous extension: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1025912-ruinous-extensionfor-for-the-ocucor

- widen the conical area in which the tendrils can target enemies (often problematic because of the short range).

- increase max ammo capacity (a relatively minor point, but it's currently below beam average and much lower than the atomos for example).


I know eject magazine and the new synth mod set  can be used to keep the tendrils, but it's not really worth the hassle imo. Also, eject magazine is still bugged despite claims of a fix in update 20! Archived report : https://forums.warframe.com/topic/948716-eject-magazine-etc-broken-by-switching-to-operator-with-a-less-than-full-magazine/


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