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Warframes covering up the screen


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So I choose a warframe, I buy platinum so that I can customize the warframe how I like, only to discover I am essentially punished for spending real money on this game. I buy these cool attachments and make my warframe look how I want, and then I go into a game only to realize the warframe and attachments now take up that much of my screen I can't aim. 

I'm forced to remove the attachments I just bought. Now I'm feeling like I actually don't want to spend any money on this game, why should I when I can't wear them without it affecting aiming in a shooting game, probably THE biggest core mechanic of a shooting game.

Sadly this isn't happening on just 1 frame with a certain attachment (mine is ash prime with vetala attachments), this is happening across the board as you can see numerous reports below. My FOV is as high as the game slider will let me go (78).


I'm amazed I've not seen a developer response on the matter. Some warframes seem to be further to the side than others and this fixes this issue, other warframes are near enough in the center of the screen.

I propose a potential fix: allow us to change camera offset with an X and Y slider or anchor the cameras center point to the left of the warframes helmet rather than it's shoulder. Third person shooter is meant to be 'over the shoulder' aiming. But this isn't over the shoulder this is next to the shoulder.

I find this to be such a horrible issue because when I looked for support in discord I was told to remove my attachments, I was told it was my fault I chose these attachments. I just spent money on your game to be told it's my fault as if that was a bad thing to do! 

I'm sorry but as much as I want to get more warframes and get cosmetics for them I simply can't, I've been disheartened by the lack of developer response and the blame put onto myself from the community. 

To the people who said it was my fault for using those attachments, or suggested if I'm using ADS I'm being 'inefficient' please get off of your high horses. This is a game and we should all be able to play how we want, whether we use skills, melee or shooting. We should not be hindered to play how we want. We should be able to support the development of this great game and enjoy playing it in the style we choose without something like a cosmetic affecting something as simple as aiming.

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...well he has a point.

that Flower on my shoulder for Saryn's Orphid skin does kinda block up a lot of my view.

while not a general solution, the ability to swap the Flower to her other shoulder would be Nice.*


*yes I am aware swapping my camera to the other shoulder also works, but my brain explodes when i see my warframe on the wrong side of the screen.

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