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BUG: Blood Altar has broken interaction with limbo cataclysm.


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While in cataclysm I'm unable to use blood altar on enemies also in cataclysm. These are ones that survive the initial cast of cataclysm. I just get invalid target as an error even though were both in the void. This seems broken and is going to cause issues when grouping with limbo players.

I should be able to use blood altar on enemy's in the void if I'm also in the void. I'd also expect to be able to blood altar enemies from a cataclysm bubble that are banished outside of the bubble.

I'd also expect to be able to blood altar an enemy in a cataclysm bubble if I'm outside the bubble and also banished to the void by a limbo



The second issue is cataclysm damages enemies on a blood altar, I would expect them to remain immune to the void damage from cataclysm the same as they are from everything else.

These two issues shut down what would have been a lot of fun interactions between a limbo and myself.

I'm a limbo player and fan of both classes i think fixing it so we can blood alter enemy, and they remain Heal/over/time points of interest, we can have a lot of fun with both of these classes in the same match since my initial reaction was "oh a limbo this should be fun with both energy and health regen going"

I believe dread mirror is also broken the same way I need to test this when I get a chance.

I was disappointed the two classes didn't work together.

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