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Nidus Larva, Vauban Vortex and Khora Strangle Dome bug


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Both issues seem to be very similar and fairly recent.

Larva and Vortex pull enemies in like usual, more or less, but after that - enemies disappear for the player.

Player can not damage enemies that were pulled in and disappeared (except Vortex doing its base damage), but other players seem to be able to see pulled enemies and attack them.

Enemies reappear once ability duration runs out or pulled enemy dies.



Update: Looks like Khora's Strangle Dome is bugged too - instead of pulling enemies to the peaks of the Dome lime it did before, it piles up enemies in one spot. Also Dome pull is not as "reactive" as it did before - despite limit of enemies pulled clearly not being reached, enemies can stand right next to it without being pulled in.





Kinda feels like a lot of "pulling" abilities got bugged after last patch/fix.

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