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3 bugs in Fortuna


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There are 3 bugs that I've noticed so far:


1. Sometimes after coming in contact with nulifiers Valkyr's hysteria begins to deal 0 damage to enemies till you re-enter Orb Vallis. I mean when you're outside of nulifier bubble and fighting other enemies. You can hear the sound of impact and you frame is clearly connecting with the enemy, but their health doesn't change and you don't see any numbers pop up.

Unrelated to this bug, but green raknoids can sometimes teleport into places where you can't hit them with melee weapon. Same goes for flying drones that drop hyennas.


2. If you summon exalted bow as Ivara and then use a k-drive, you can get stuck and won't be able to duck, slide, jump, use melee or ranged weapon after dismounting untill you re-enter Orb Vallis.


3. And this is more of a guess, but I suspect the client may suffer from memory leak. After certain amount of time my disk load goes to insane % and whole game starts to lose quite a bit of FPS.

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