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Some Small Ideas For Inventory, Config And Mod Menu


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-It would be great if we could do sort and filter in the inventory (Warframes/Weapons/Misc Item), i know is not really a need, especially for warframes, but keep the inventory nice and tidy won't become a demerit.


-split up item and resource + blueprint will also help us on tidying up our inventory


-by adding icons or picture for blueprints will be so helpful when we want to find something, because the item name  itself shown on top of the blueprint is a bit hard to see.


-could sell multiple number of same item is useful too.




-I would really want the page 1 button in the mod config menu could be fix. is kinda annoying


-If we could do a "save and enter mod menu" while we editing our weapons mod, things will get easier


-maybe a right click to plug a mod into the weapon or warframe will take us less time to edit




-If we could 'Pin' our favorite mod and those 'pinned' mod could not become a resource of fusion, will greatly lower the chance to kill our favorite mod in an accident. and an additional way to filter our mods :)


-Is a bit hard to tidy and search the primary weapons mod, since all types of primary weapons are grouped into one segment


-maybe turning the resource of mod system into numbers will help us organizing how to use our fusion cores, is not really hard to understand the system right now, but shown in numbers is easier for those tenno who've just awoke.




-If we able to have a preset menu to set up our warframes' and weapons' mod, we could spend more time to focus on our mission instead of swapping our mod from a frame to the other, especially between missions, is not nice to let our teammate wait or us.


-send friend request through right-clicking menu on a tennos' ID, so that we don't always type the full name to send a request.


Hope any of these ideas could be a help on smoothing the games pace. 

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