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The Sins of my Developer


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It has come to my attention that Warframe, with its versatile mechanics, inherits a few common flaws. Aside from the occasional UI bugs, and still in Beta, newly joining people are quickly discouraged from seriously committing to the world of frames, and simply abandon this wonderful game.



As insensitive as I'd like to be, with this thread, and possibly having my only account permanently banned (again, crucified for something not wrong of me to do), I cannot negligibly rant about all the things that are seriously taking their toll on what is slowly trying to become a triple A game. In its inevitable rocky road to succession (mildly or otherwise), Warframe still has serious issues that need to be overcome. Be it expanding content that eerily feel like the same gem, rinsed and re-polished, or ever shifting mechanics, initially sought out to be interactive, or unbalanced combat system (so expressed by others), the game is becoming less enjoyable – for me – and more like an obligation to follow a script. A script in which you are told that you are not allowed to hit enemies through walls any more (meh, let’s call this one fair), a script where you’re forced to forgo slide attack (because, inevitably, melee 3.0 shall knock at your front door), a script where frames are “reworked” because she said so. A script where veteran and casual players alike complain too much. A script – predictable - that in poor taste is dictated from upstairs. Hell... now I’m part of that complaint script. I get it; finding new ways at being original is an unforgiving burden.



My hypocrisy extends to this: if you’re going to balance things (there is no NERF, there is only matrix) in PvE, don’t behave and don’t take decisions as if it were PvP.



The main issue I want to tackle is simple: if I, after one year of investing time, money, blood, sweat and tears, into something I believe to have tremendous potential, am becoming discouraged and stopped finding it enjoyable, imagine how new players feel. Everyone has their own motivational factors, but with such finite resources (that I’ve stated before) newly integrating players will flat out call it quits. Why, you ask?



They won’t enjoy any of this. They will feel punished.



There is a considerable gap between players starting Warframe thanks to a friend that is eager to taxi them “around the solar system” (being my case), and new players rallied “from nowhere”, that struggle alone. Those players, whom have no one to support them, lack a more in-depth tutorial about the environment and what to expect. All they see is how much they will have to grind for a trivial upbringing (to start with). A simple case would be to look in the Arsenal. A lot of new players initially assume - contrary to the huge banner “This Game IS FREE” - that this is a pay-to-win game; else they won’t acquire those frames, nor those weapons. Also, Loki should again be available from the start of the game. Call it a hunch, but versatility demands it.



Don’t get me wrong; every time I paid for content, it was thanks to them convincing me of its promising future. There are no regrets in that “department”.

Maybe this thread will simply slide into obscurity (but that’s ok, too), however... I know that this thread is not for that disgruntled person, wishing to have things nerfed simply because that person is bored or cannot accomplish some goals. This thread is for eloquent, educated and open-minded players that need Warframe to return to its roots. To expand on what it had going well, and what brought new players into this world of frames... players that want to call themselves Tenno.

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