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Ability Use Prevented - Is Transference the Cause?[RESOLVED]


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This is has been an issue for a very long time (before Fortuna) and apparently it's happening with ability nullifying enemies in Fortuna update now

There is an enemy that locks all your abilities. Sometimes he appears to lock all other 3 except the active one. Abiltiies seem to return when he is killed. Either way, when I am in "operator form" during this phase of abilities being locked, my Warframe's abilities are permenently locked out even after the enemy's death and the only way to fix is for me having to die. There are a a lot more bugs and issues in the game with Transference and Warframe abilities being perma locked and this is making the game's combat get really frustrating for players who use Transference a lot. Can you guys please look into this?

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