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Is there a way to check temp on the Vallis while in Fortuna?


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18 minutes ago, Xenox_Ilz-ot said:

You prefer to use a site better than just pressing a button in the game to see it directly?

You're not getting what I'm asking about. We know you can press a button to see the temp out on the Orb Vallis. Have you tried checking the temp before going up the elevator out of Fortuna? 


3 minutes ago, pauli133 said:

There should be a giant thermometer near the door in Fortuna. Maybe themed.

Yes! Something built into the environment of Fortuna, and not another menu element, would be a nice touch. The Solaris would want to know what the weather is doing up there.

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I was really surprised once I learned of the temp mechanic that there WASN'T a way to tell in Fortuna. A handful of Thermometers strewn about could be neat. Nothing too fancy, just like, a 'coolant' tube with some lines on it with the sections noted like '2 snowflake, 1 snowflake, sun' to represent 'Freezing, Cold, Warm.' Maybe have a proper rendition of the Minimap one by Eudico because the Floor Boss would want something a bit more precise.

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