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Performance and Custom Keys


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Since Fortuna release I've been having near-constant performance issues with all of Warframe, and my PC has been incredibly taxed whilst playing Warframe, but not other, much much more demanding games. Hell, if it can handle GTA:V Online on Ultra easily, it should be having such issues with Warframe on Minimum Settings. 
This has lead to full System Lockup (Requiring killing PC power) roughly once every two hours of play (Really wanted to play around with Garuda and do Sorties).

Potentially Related, I use custom Keys for Warframe on my Mouse, which I've found that after interacting with anything in my ship or anything in mission (Including hitting enemies), the custom keys fail to function properly, some stop working completely, some work after a 1-2 second delay. BUT, this only happens to the keys that interact with Warframe. I also use Media Controls for music, and those work no problem. If it helps, I've included exactly what key is set to what below, using a Logitech Proteus G502. 


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