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Khora and Nova -> Augments (FAN)


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Howdy everyone, I want to tell you my ideas for Khoras Strangledome augment and Novas Molecular Prime augment.

Khora -> Protective chains (Strangledome augment)

Khora creates chain "globe" with its health based on Khoras health absorbing all incoming damage and attack enemies near the area. When inside Khora and her allies grant 35% critical chance and increase movement speed by 20% for 5 seconds.

Nova -> Molecular weakness (Molecular Prime augment)

Nova releases molecular wave which decreases enemies armor by 45% for 5 seconds plus dealing 75% extra damage to enemies's exploding. The range of molecular wave is decreased by 40% and has a cooldown 15 seconds to be usable again.

Hope you like it and thank you for replies 🙂 


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