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Issue finding the Oculysts on LUA in order for them to scan me


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So I am playing LUA to get sentient cores to level up the quills but am having the hardest time finding the oculysts in order for them to scan me to spawn the 2 sentients. I get the message they are there and scanning but they don't appear any where in the mission. I try to find them but they are just nowhere to be found. I just aborted 3 missions because the oculysts didn't spawn any where in the mission I could find. Can't we either have a way to track them or just have them spawn on top of your location. I don't care for PoE so this is my only way to get sentient cores to level up with the quills. And I can't do that if the oculyst don't spawn in the mission or spawn somewhere I can't find them before they disappear. They need to stay in the mission until they either scan you or the mission is over. I have had to abort my mission in LUA many times now because the darn oculyst are nowhere to be found. 

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