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A Ticker for Cetus


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So with the advent of Fortuna, and the exchange rate of materials for reputation there, ranking up with the Solaris is very painless and efficient. Servofish and unrefined gems can be traded in for a reasonable amount of standing, the bounties with their double-reward bonuses can now quickly fill the daily limit of standing. But moreso than anything else... Ticker has drastically changed the game as far as how to build standing. For credits and basic materials, you can quickly accrue Debt Bonds that you can exchange for a good amount of Standing very quickly.

So! I present this idea for how to bring a "Ticker" style system into Cetus, working from how the people of Cetus are already presented and the recent appearance of Corpus marketeers in Cetus's bazaar.

My proposition: A Corpus merchant having been sent to Cetus by his executives, along with some of his crewmen, in order to "capitalize on an untapped market". The thinking being that Corpus high-tech goods would be in demand from the relatively primitive Ostrons. However, there is a problem. The Ostrons largely deal in traditional bartering, exchanging hand-made goods for materials and favors, something the merchant can't actually forward to his boss as profit. The Ostrons would like the things the Corpus merchant was bringing, like toys, preserved foods (since, as hunter-gatherers, having a supply of food with an incredibly long shelf life would be highly desirable), medicines, maybe even sporting/hunting arms. They just don't have credits to buy these things with. The Corpus merchant is becoming exasperated, because his superiors are demanding results, but it's like getting blood from a stone.

So! That's where the Tenno step in. The Tenno would broker these deals on behalf of the Ostrons, getting them the goods that they can't get anywhere else, and the merchant could report to his superiors that he's actually moving product and making profit now, freeing him from financial pressure.

Edit: Also, for a continuity nod: The merchant frequently asks for Fish Meat in exchange for his products... The canned fish that the Solaris eat and Ticker sells has to come from somewhere, right? 😛

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I wholeheartedly agree Iskveda, Ticker has been a welcomed breath of fresh air, I would also like to see an expansion of the exchangeable mats to include things like Fieldron Samples, Detonite ampules and Nav Coordinates, I bet there's plenty of players sitting on thousands of those, would be nice if they could be of use. 😺

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