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Virmink callpoint outside map and cannot be reached


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So, I was doing some conservation missions, and while the starting point for one was inside the map (near the temple of profit, sorry I didn't get the exact tile!), the tracks led outside the map, and also kind of lifted into the air? The actual callpoint was a few meters past where I could go. The little black spots are the tracks and as you can see there's a gap in between where they are inside the map and where they are outside of it, when they're in the air, ending at the callpoint (which wasn't in the air as far as I could see). Sorry for the screenshot being far away from it, if I got closer the snow & winds covered the screen and pushed me back. For clarification, the corpus dropship in the screenshot was inside the map - it was frozen there but I assumed that it was supposed to be like that, given that that part of the map is so snowy and cold. Also, this was during the very beginning of the warm cycle!callpoint_outside_map.png

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