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2 PS4 dudes looking for others


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Myself and another friend are looking for others (prefer adults) to play warframe with us. We have our own clan which we have built over the last several years. We would like to find 2 others to play and grind with us, I am MR23 and he is MR25 (almost MR26) but we are not just looking for other high MR's as we are really looking for others to just play warframe with and chat. mostly we are both on around afternoons to early night central time (not really a night owl anymore) We pretty much just play warframe right now as there is not that much out that either of us are interested in at the moment. We do cus so if you can't stand cussing maybe not a good fit. My PSN is LerroyJenkins66, shoot me a message if you think you might fit the bill and are looking to play warframe with us. (we are not saying you have to join our clan but sometimes it's best is squads are all in the same clan together)
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